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100 Club


This is our registered lottery open to anyone above the age of 18. For £4 per month participants are allocated a number for entry into a random draw that takes place every month with a yearly accumulator drawn at the AGM in the autumn.

50% of the monthly takings are returned as prize money and 50% goes towards club funds. The monthly draw prizes are made on a 50%, 20% 10% basis for the 3 numbers drawn with the remaining 20% going towards the yearly accumulator.

If you would like to join the 100 Club all you need to do is set up a standing order/direct debit for £4 per month payable on the 10th. If you have on-line banking, set-up is straightforward. Alternatively you can email Ian Milligan who will send you a standing order form to send on to your bank.

Details are as follows:
Bank: Nat West
Sort Code: 01 01 14
Acc No: 15015688
Ref (on line set-up): Your name

After setting up the standing order/direct debit, e-mail Ian Milligan your name & address so that your winnings can be sent to you! You will be allocated a draw number and be included in the end of month’s draw following your first payment.

For further details please email Ian Milligan via

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August 2022

1st Prize - Stephen Sanders  £104.00, 2nd Prize – Jack Harris £41.00, 3rd Prize – Ashley West £20.00


July 2022

1st Prize – Stephen Sanders  £104.00, 2nd Prize – Kat Bridgemen £41.00, 3rd Prize – Aymie Cantello £20.00


June 2022

1st Prize – Gary Earith  £103.00, 2nd Prize – Theo Kortland £41.00, 3rd Prize – Ryan Macchiocchi £20.00


May 2022

1st Prize – Grant Stendall  £104.00, 2nd Prize – Kevin Webb £41.00, 3rd Prize – Frank Norris £20.00


April 2022

1st Prize – Terry Daniels  £104.00, 2nd Prize – Mark Bailey £41.00, 3rd Prize – Syudel Hussain £20.00


March 2022

1st Prize – Nick Cantello £103.00, 2nd Prize – Sam Drury £41.00, 3rd Prize – Kevin Webb £20.00


February 2022

1st Prize - Helen Littlewood £92.00, 2nd Prize - Emma Reynolds £37.00, 3rd Prize - Dave Robinson £18.00 


January 2022

1st Prize – Andy Reynolds £66.00, 2nd Prize – Ian Tittle £26.00, 3rd Prize – Ian Tittle £13.00