Policies & Procedures

Bramhall Cricket Club believes that it is imperative that junior and senior members, coaches, administrators and parents, carers and guardians associated with the Club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others.

The Club has developed a number of policy and guidance documents to support this and ensure that the risk of harm to its junior members is reduced:

Safeguarding policy statement
Club inclusion & diversity policy
Code of conduct for juniors and parents
ECB Guidelines on Girls Playing in Boys Age Group Leagues and Competitions
E-safety policy
Anti-bullying policy

Junior members and their parents should also beware of the ECB directives in relation to fielding, fast bowling, batting protection and participation in open age cricket, all of which form a part of Bramhall Cricket Club’s junior welfare policy:

ECB guidance on wearing helmets
ECB fielding regulations
ECB fast bowling directives
ECB guidelines for junior players in open age group cricket

Any concerns or complaints should be addressed to the relevant Club’s Child Welfare Officer.

Frank Norris – Disciplinary Chairman, CDG Representative and Child Welfare Officer (M)
Tel: 07753 307 839

Claire Houlden – Child Welfare Officer (F)
Tel: 07768 552 278

Details regarding our Data Protection Policy can be found here.